The Portrait Presets Pack

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What's included? 
👉🏻 50 Lightroom Presets in total designed to give your Portraits that EPIC feeling
👉🏻 25 for Lightroom Mobile, to edit on the go.
👉🏻 25 for Lightroom Classic when you’re at your desk in full creative mode.
👉🏻 Installation guides for both Desktop and Mobile
⭐️ BONUS 28 minute MASTERCLASS on how to get the most out of these presets
⭐️ BONUS Photoshop Tutorial on Professional Skin Retouching
⭐️ BONUS Overlays to enhance and add depth to your potraits
⭐️ BONUS 17 Raw Photos to exercise your editing skills

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Portraits = Emotions

Being a photographer isn’t just about pointing your camera and pressing the shutter.
It’s about creating something that evokes feeling in the viewer.

And the Portrait Presets Pack is designed to do just that.

It’s about capturing a moment perfectly, so that you can replicate the feelings, thoughts, and emotions from that moment for anyone who sees your photo.

If you want to perfectly craft these photos, you need to master the color, contrast, lighting. 

Grow Faster on Social Media

Hootsuite analyzed 1.1 million photos on Instagram and found that pictures of faces were 38% more likely to get a like and a comment than photos without faces. 

I grew my social media accounts to over 1 Million followers, basically just shooting and posting portraits.

 âœ… The Epic Portrait Presets Pack will dramatically decrease your editing time while also making your portraits stand out on social media or for client work

Edited by @samonamusi with the Portraits Preset Pack

Make an amazing impression on your friends, family and clients 

All your friends, and people in general, will be incredibly happy and they’ll respect you very much if you can shoot good photos of them.

CAN YOU IMAGINE? You produce amazing portraits of people... which they will use as their PROFILE PHOTOS.

They will always remember you.

But if your edits suck.... they will hate the photo. 

The Portrait Preset Pack Solves EXACTLY this problem and it makes sure you produce AMAZING Edits. 

Edited by @tomrokita with the Portraits Preset Pack

See ALL the 25 Presets in action

Stunning portraits in a matter of a few clicks.

Inside this pack there are 50 all-inclusive presets, 25 for dekstop and 25 for mobile.

So no matter where you are, you can achieve that professional touch with your photos.

There’s a 28 minute Masterclass included that will teach you to harness the full power of these presets

⚠️ Also, during the initial period only, you'll receive 4 amazing bonuses to help you bring your Portraits to the next level.

Struggling with Skin Colors? 

Do you feel that sometimes your edited portraits do not look very natural? 

Well, I feel you. Editing portraits and skin tones is VERY tricky. 

This is one of the main reason why I decided to create the Portrait Preset Pack :
👉🏻 Reduce your editing time
👉🏻 Create stunning edits and be confident with the result
👉🏻  Mantain the naturalness of the photo
👉🏻 Learn how to edit properly with the masterclass and RAW Photos included

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50 Cinematic Presets

These ultra-realistic presets will add that EPIC feeling to your portraits. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly transform boring portraits into professional works of art.

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For Mobile and Desktop

The Portrait Presets Pack has 25 presets for Lightroom Mobile, and 25 for Lightroom Classic. Giving you the ability to create KILLER PORTRAITS wherever and whenever you want.

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Masterclass Included 

Learn how to exploit ANY presets full potential with mountains of practical examples on both desktop and mobile. 28 minutes where I show how to exploit their potential.

2-Week Money Back Guranteed

I believe my Portrait Presets are the best you can find anywhere. That's why if you're not satisfied, I'll reimburse you in full within the 14 days.