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The Overlays Packs - Bundle

Retail Price 195£ 

Now at 29£ (85%OFF)

With Free Masterclass Included

- 480+ Cinematic Overlays
- 40 min Tutorial Included Works on Desktop and Mobile (with free app Pics Art)
- SPECIAL BONUS 50% off coupon on my EPIC PRESETS Pack!
- Works with any software that allows layers (photoshop, photopea, etc)
- Perfect for any type of photography: portrait, landscape, product, wedding, automotive, street, etc
- Add external elements to make the photo more interesting
- Amazing to create extra depth and contrast in your photos

What Are Overlays?

Overlays are essentially external elements (in the form of normal JPG images) that can be easily added to your photos to make them stand out. The Epic Overlays contais more than 480 Overlays that can be used on Mobile and Desktop.

Why Overlays?

It's almost impossible to find the perfect conditions for a Photo. With these overlays you'll be able to add clouds, shadows, sun rays, reflections, leaks, smoke, fog, snow, rain, scratches, dust that will bring your photos to the next level.

Are they for me?

The Epic Overlays are increadibly easy to use with both Mobile (using the free App PicsArt) and Desktop (Photoshop, Affinity and any software that allows layer). Plus, in the FREE Masterclass included I teach you how to use them and exploit their potential

The Overlays Packs - Bundle

7 Packs + Masterclass

What You'll Get:
488 Cinematic Overlays for Desktop & Mobile
🔸 30 Fog + 13 Smoke + 20 Clouds (Value 24£) 
🔸 52 Flares + 66 Reflection (Value 29£) 
🔸 16 Sun + 25 Rays  (Value 14£)
🔸 72 Shadows  (Value 24£)
🔸 45 Snow + 38 Rain (Value 19£)
🔸 60 Dirt, Dust, Scratches (Value 24£)
🔸 51 Film Leaks (Value 14£)
🔸 FREE 40min Tutorial (Value 47£)

Retail Price  195£
Offer Price 59£ 

NOW AT 29£ (85%OFF)

Hear Them out 

2-Week Money Back Guranteed

My #1 priority is your satisfaction. I believe my Overlays are the best you can find in the market, that's why if you're not satisfied after the first 14 days, I'll reimburse you in full!

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480+ Cinematic Overlays

Ultra-realistic layers to add external elements to your photos. Super easy to use in just a few clicks.

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For Mobile and Desktop

All the Overlays work with any dektop software that uses layers and on Mobile with the free app Picsart

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Masterclass Included

Learn how to exploit their potential with loads of practical examples on both desktop and mobile